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Sunday School

Great Hormead Church welcomes all children to the Sunday School, which takes places in term time on most Sundays, while parents are in church.

The children beging the service in church and, after a blessing, go out to our Church Room, for playing, acting, sticking, learning, story telling, craft activities, dressing up and praying. Later, they rejoin the adults for the end of the service and enjoy telling the whole church what they've been up to. 

Children of any age are welcome. For very little ones, parents are encouraged to stay with them. We also welcome teenagers who help and take a full part.

 Sunday School 19.2.17

Sunday School Oct 2016

Sunday School Oct 2016

The persistent woman and the unjust Judge - you can even spot +Michael on the left!

Sunday School Sept 2016

Sept 2016 - The Rich Man & Lazarus

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