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Church History

All 5 of our churches have long and fascinating histories, click on the church name below for further information. Please note these are all external websites and we do not have any input to them.

For a brief history of each church, click on the titles to the left.

 If you are after a search in the records for weddings or burials, and the date is earlier that about 1980, please contact the County Archive Office. Once our registers are full, we send them to the county for safe keeping.

More recent searches in the registers; in particular for replacement marriage certificates, are completed by the vicar, so do please be in touch for these.

St George's Anstey

St Mary the Virgin Brent Pelham

St Nicholas' Great Hormead & St Mary's Little Hormead

St Mary's Meesden

St Giles' Wyddial


The Vicarage 

Great Hormead 



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