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Having been closed during much of the pandemic we are now slowly reopening our churches as we feel safe to do so.

Visit our Worshipping back in Church page for more info.

Here's  what we have planned:

The initial services will be at 9.30am and so far have been held at St Nicholas', Great Hormead. We plan to hold more services across thebenefice in August. All are open to the whole benefice. We hope many of you will feel ready to attend. However, as we have limited capacity for just 20 households/bubbles, we do need to know if you are coming. So please email us and we will be able to advise if there is room. If you are unable to attend there will still be service at 11am broadcast online on YouTube and there are other resources on our worshiping from home pages.

On Sunday 2nd August  we will hold an outdoor benefice service at Alswick Hall, led by Revd James Sawyer.

(See map - download PDF HERE)


Find all our scheduled live broadcasts and links to recorded services on our Worship Resources pages.

Churces are now open for private prayer. Prayer stations with esources and palm crosses are available in those churches, do pick one up. You can of course  email us with your prayers using this link.

If you plan to attend a church for Private Prayer

  • Only attend if you are sure you are well and have not been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

  • Wash your hands before entering or use the hand sanitiser if you have touched anything since washing.

  • Maintain a safe social distance (2m) between household groups and keep left, giving priority to people leaving the church building.

  • A maximum of 10 people in each church in this benefice.

  • Place a pebble in the basket provided to keep a tally of visitors.

  • Where provided, take a post it note to leave in the pew where you sit t pray. Do not sit where someone else has left a post it note.

  • If you write a prayer, please use your own pen.

  • Only touch what is essential. do not touch books. You may take free prayer resources left for you.

  • It is suggested you sanitise your hands again on exit and thoroughly wash hands again when you arrive home.

  • We invite you to participate in our own simple 'Track and Trace' system if you want to help us keep visitors informed of their risk of infection should you or they subsequently fall ill. Details are posted in the church where available.

Please note, not all churches in the UK are able to open.

I will be saying prayers and celebrating eucharist from home, usually live streamed, on YouTube or Zoom. Do join me. I also encourage everyone to set aside the time you would normally be at church, and maybe a little extra time, to offer prayers wherever you are.

Revd James Sawyer

Our regular pattern of services will vary for a while ase we get back on our feet after lockdown. Here's waht will happen in the short term:







St Nicholas' Hormead

 Morning Service
(Format Varies)



You Tube

Sunday Worship




Compline (Night Prayer)









Virtual Coffee Morning


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Pray with our Ministry Team:

Revd James Sawyer - 01763 289 258

Mrs Patricia Hamilton - 01763 848536

Dr Mike West - 01279 777427 

Mr James Wyld - 01763 289 738

Rev'd Paddy Cable - Retired Priest

Every Wednesday 9.30am  MID-WEEK INFORMAL HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE (Currently Suspended)
Around the altar at Brent Pelham Church, ALL are welcome ~ Coffee afterwards (except in Holy Week and the week after Christmas).



The Vicarage 

Great Hormead 



SG9 0NT 

01763 289258