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Worship with Children

We aim to make church a welcoming place for people of all ages. Children are very welcome at all of our services across the benefice. Our morning services of Holy Communion, Matins or Family Service are particularly suitable.

At Holy Communion, we try to involve the children as much as possible in all aspects of the service. We'll invite children to help out with various tasks before, during and after the service such as handing out books, taking the collection, setting-up the altar or blowing out the candles.

Children will often be invited to stand around the altar during the Eucharistic Prayers as the priest blesses the bread and wine so they get a close-up view of what's going on.

At Great Hormead there are toilets and baby changing facilities too.  We do have books, toys and drawing materials in our churches, but we'd prefer children to be engaged at the front rather than perhaps feeling excluded at the back.

Our Sunday School was meeting regularly in term time but many parents and children found it difficult to attend because of other commitments. So for the time being we are planning some special seasonal events and 'Messy Church' activities. If you'd like to be involved with Sunday School please get in touch.

Most services offer some refreshment afterwards.


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