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UPDATED 25th May 2022

Ascension Day - Thursday 26th ...

7pm, Ascension Holy Communions at the CHURCH of

All welcome.

This coming weekend ...

All the readings for this weekeng have been uploaded onto our Readings and Newsetter page. Please downlad them from here.

Sunday 29th May

10.00am, Holy Communion BENEFICE SERVICE with the 398th Association
St George's Anstey. We welcome guests of veteran's families visiting from the USA. Refreshments afterwards.

Please join us...


You might like this to get you into the mood for the Jubilee....


Ukraine - UPDATE 20-05-22

I just whanted to let you know that the a second family from Ukraine has arrived. We are working toward welcoming more and support those who are here.
  Please continue to pray for peace.

More details of what's been done and ways to help are on our Ukraine Help pages.

I have created a dedicated page to coordinate help from this benefice here:

You can read the latest information about the Diocese scheme which we plan to participate in here:

If you want to be part of the wider community support network, please email me   HERE. so I can let you know when we are meeting.

So we have a project up and running (see our dedicated page) but for background, here's what Bishop Alan wrote to encourage us:

Dear Friends,

This is a fairly lengthy bulletin designed to brief you on the Ukraine situation and our response to it. The situation we face is complex. Responding to it is going to demand of us great prayer, commitment, creativity and ingenuity. So please do set aside some time to read this bulletin carefully. It contains a lot of very important information.


The war in Ukraine is entering its third week. With horror and distress we encounter the situation of Ukraine’s people as they experience shellfire, bombings and conflict that has led almost two million to flee their country for their lives.

I’m hugely grateful for the responses that you have already made to Ukraine’s situation. I am grateful for all the prayers for peace that have been offered and am incredibly thankful for all the donations of cash or goods that have been made in support of Ukraine’s people.

As we see the extraordinary response being made by private citizens in mainland Europe to the needs of refugees, a question that is being asked around this diocese is how we can help those who are fleeing the conflict and who have arrived, or will arrive, here.

The aim of this bulletin is to brief you on the situation that exists and to let you know more about arrangements that we are putting in place to enable parishes and their people to support those fleeing the war where we are.

The UK situation

Ukrainians who have fled their country are being offered three years of residency in the European Union without the need for a visa. In contrast, the UK has retained controls on entry of Ukrainians into our country. Those wishing to come must either already have family in the UK or a British sponsor in order to apply for a visa. Our government is talking about establishing a Humanitarian Sponsorship Programme but details of this have yet to be made clear.

In spite of the UK restrictions, a number of Ukrainians are making their way to our country. Within our diocese we are seeing arrivals through Luton airport. Most of those who come go immediately to family or friends. But a number do arrive without obvious places to go. This is very challenging. For those who come are not arriving seeking asylum or refugee status – their intention is to return home as soon as that can safely happen. Because those who come are not asylum seekers, they are not eligible for UK benefits, provision of accommodation or other public funding.

As of 9 March, 18 people from Ukraine had arrived at Luton without friends and family to go to. Short term, these people are being put up in hotel accommodation by the UK Border Force. Airbnb has offered vouchers for them to have places to stay for 14 days from Monday 14 March. But this will not cover provision for food and other living expenses and the help will quickly run out. 

At this stage we just do not know how many more people from Ukraine and needing help will arrive or when they might come. Much public opinion here in the UK would seem to be that we need to do much more, and as a Christian community we are called and commissioned to care for the stranger and work for God’s justice. We therefore think it prudent to plan now that increased numbers of Ukrainian refugees will arrive in the UK needing our practical help and compassion. As a diocese we have identified three main ways that we think we can offer support: financial support, accommodation, and supportive services such as mental health support, translation etc. It may be that in the event there will be little need for these to be taken up. But we think it better to plan on the basis that services willbe needed and then be able to stand them down than to be caught unprepared. We are aiming for the arrangements below to go live early in the week beginning Sunday 13 March and will let you know when systems are up and running.

A: Financial Support

We shall be establishing a diocesan fund which can offer immediate financial support to refugees that need it for items such as food, travel etc. We’ll shortly be letting you know details of an account to which donations can be sent and from which incumbents will be able to make applications for financial support for those in need. We shall keep a careful eye on disbursements from the fund. Should it turn out to be not, or only a little, needed, any surplus will be sent to the Christian Aid Ukraine Appeal.

B: Accommodation

A number of people have offered to accommodate Ukrainians fleeing the conflict. We want to encourage this. At the same time, we must recognise that hosting strangers fleeing from a war situation is a contribution that is challenging, demanding and costly. It shouldn’t be undertaken lightly or without careful thought. If your parish does have people willing to accommodate those fleeing the war, we therefore ask that the following process be used:

  1. Form a parish group charged with offering hospitality. (We are looking at doing this as a Deanery) This group would include not only those willing to offer accommodation but also those willing to offer a range of other kinds of support – provision of food, assistance with mental health care etc. Acting with the best standards of safeguarding accountability that we have all come to expect is going to be important too and guidance will be offered on how this is to be approached. Keep it in mind that if ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’, ‘it takes a whole church to care for a refugee family’.
  2. Have your incumbent register your offer of support. This will be done through a web-based link to a form that will ask for various information – incumbent details, host details, support group details, parish safeguarding contact, host reference, accommodation offered, duration of accommodation, transport provision etc.
  3. Referral from the Luton Airport Chaplaincy. Arrivals from Ukraine who cannot go to friends or family will be referred to appropriate hosts registered on our database by the Luton Airport Chaplaincy for accommodation.
  4. Receive support from the wider community. Provision is being put in place to offer through the wider community support for people from Ukraine staying with hosts. This will involve access to mental health care, access to NHS health care, touching base weekly with a local Ukrainian speaker etc.

C: Offers of Supportive Services

Accommodation will not be the only help needed. Other services of support will be required too such as mental health support, translation, transport etc. A web-based link to a form will be put in place enabling you to register ways that your church could help in any way a refugee living amongst us.

Final Words

Please be aware that we have never had to put a system like this in place before. Therefore, there will be hiccups and teething troubles. Please help us all work together to enable us to do the very best that we possibly can. 

I hope you’ll want to support the measures we are putting in place to help people affected by the terrible situation that exists. Please can I offer you my thanks in advance for all the effort and hard work that I know you will undertake? All that you will give is enormously appreciated.  

From the Bishop of St Albans on behalf of Richard, Bishop of Bedford, Michael, Bishop of Hertford, Janet, Archdeacon of Hertford, Dave, Archdeacon of Bedford, Jane, Archdeacon of St Albans, Jo, Dean of St Albans and David White, Diocesan Secretary.


2022 HALO CLUB PRIZE DRAW - Tickets on sale now.

Each ticket is £25. This gains entry into the three prize draws through the year. This year there will be TWO prizes in each Draw.

You can buy as many tickets as you wish. 40% of all proceeds are returned as prizes. If 100 tickets are sold, prizes of £250 and £50 will be offered in the Easter and Harvest Draws, and £300 and £100 in the Christmas Draw. All the remaining proceeds go toward the day-to-day running costs to keep St Nicholas Church and St Giles Church open. The Prize Draw is run by Hormead with Wyddial PCC.

Living in Love and Faith

Our course has now finished but those who participated have said how interesting and helpful it was. So to find out more the links are here:

Living in Love and Faith Book image

Find more information, books and course booklets on our web page HERE


Please drop off dry and tinned foodstuff, toiletaries and seasonal treats at church in the collecting boxes provided. Many thanks for your support.

Churches are OPEN and we are STILL SINGING!

Churches are open and we are workin hard to keep them safe to visit and attend for worship. 

As we return to a more normal way of life, singing is permitted again, but we are asling you to have masks for a while yet and we are maintaining good ventilation.  You can sit where you like but do think about keeping a safe distance from other households.

You can also register on the NHS Covid App.

Please contact me for specific details and we'll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

The Government regulations can be read in full on the government website here.

 Please help the vulnerable and lonely stay connected. Join a local What's App Group. Volunteer if you are able. Help keep me aware of people who need help.



As we carefully open up our churches, to keep people safe, please continue to observe the highest safety standrds.

When visiting for Priavte Prayer or services, please consider using the NHS Track and Trace App. QR codes are still located on the doors of every church building.

Please continue to sanitise hands on entry and prior to receiving communion and please maintain a space of 2m between yourself and people not in your household while singing.

You could wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe. But it's optional.

Please continue to be mindful of the other hygiene and safety measures in place and wash your hands frequently.

To help keep everyone safe, please only visit the buildings or attend for Private Prayer or a church service if you know you are well and are as sure as you can be that you and all the members of your household are free of any virus infection.

Check out our Prayer and Worship Resources pages to find out all about what's happening this weekend with worship online. New resources and links added.

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