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Good neighbours, this information page is intended to help us help eachother not just while we deal with the pandemic but in ordinary times too.

If you have information you would like to share via this site, please call the vicarage 01763 289258 or email Revd James Sawyer and we can arrange to post your information online.

If you live in the benefice and have decided to isolate yourself at home, please do let members of the church know.  Email the Vicar - James - with your address and phone number and he can help you stay in touch and make sure you are safe and well. More NHS advice is here.

You can also call the vicarage or one of the local coordinators listed below if you need help.

There are Google and  Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. See also local newsletters.

Local Walks.

Health Advice

Please follow the latest health advice issued by the Government. This trusted expert information is part of the considered national plan to deal with this situation. GOVERNMENT WEBSITE LINK



The 111 telephone line still functions and the NHS has set up an ONLINE equivalent. The link is here.

Self-care, social-distancing and self-isolation

We are trying hard to keep the virus out of our communities. Please only go out if absolutly necessary. Please take every precaution to decontaminate yourself when you return. Wash hands after a walk and touching gates. Please respect the safety of others by maintaining that 2m distance at all times. Please do not congregate or meet up with people from other homes until this is over.

This information could be very useful for anyone needing to monitor health while isolating, including monitoring blood oxygen levels.

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Getting better can take time. THis dedicated NHS website offers a wide range of helpful advice:


The main idea is to support and help our neighbours and communities so no one feels alone or isolated at this unsettling time.


This scheme has been initiated by Anstey Parish Council and is endorsed by the church.

Many villagers in Anstey  feel that they would like to help our community during the Covid-19 epidemic; assistance in getting groceries, medicines or anything else if they either have to self-isolate or are forced to do so.
Adrian Cossor has offered to act as coordinator and he can be contacted on:
01763 848479 or by email here.
Would anyone who would like to help please contact Adrian if you have not already done so.

If you have to isolate yourself or your household, we suggest that you inform Adrian initially and then ring or email him first thing each morning and again late afternoon so we can monitor your welfare and react if necessary.

Anstey Google group

If you are not already registered to use the Anstey Link and you are able to, then you can with the Google Group email here.

By registering you can share thoughts, keep in touch within the village, arrange to share jigsaw puzzles etc. Adrian has told me that he has plenty of books, and also some DVDs, stored for the Anstey Fair should anyone want any.

Many thanks, please keep healthy and we wish you the very best in this difficult time to come.    Anstey Parish Council.

Anstey website


This scheme has been set up by volunteers independently but is being endorsed and supported by the church. Other organisations can get involved.

Each village will be split into areas with two volunteers running each section and managing a WhatsApp Group for each area of the village. If you want to join, complete the paper form posted through your door or download and email the interactive PDF here.

These volunteers will coordinate:
Setting up and monitoring the WhatsApp group
Liaising with all the other volunteers from around the three villages
Liaising with the Church facebook group when needed and any other local support systems
Feeding through the group the messages from people with no social media; For example if there is an elderly patient who needs some medication collecting but doesn’t have social media then the volunteers will post this onto the WhatsApp group so someone can respond.

This is a give and take group and it is not down to the volunteers to do anything other than to facilitate the group.

If you sign up you are doing so to Give as well as Receive.

This Group will run for as long as the virus is still active and then all personal details will be deleted and destroyed. Otherwise the scheme will adopt the GDPR Privacy Policy and Safeguarding Policy of the Quintet Churches benefice as far as is practical under present circumstances.

Sarah Hopkins
Great Hormead Bury
Great Hormead
Herts. SG9 0NH

01763 289 033     
mobile: 07768 848 560          
email Sarah here

For separate local government information

See also Hormead Parish Coincil website pages



This scheme has been initiated by Brent Pelham and Meesden Parish council and is endorsed by the church.

With the problems created by the Coronavirus Brent Pelham and Meesden Parish Council is coordinating local helpers to assist those in self isolation to get groceries, medicines, or anything else they may require.

We also want to try and help minimise any feelings of isolation people may experience and encourage you to phone, email or use other forms of communication to stay in touch.

There are a number of lovely people in our community who have offered assistance and if you are also willing to help please email Trevor or Sarah.

Brent Pelham Contact
Sarah Fryer 01279 777293      email Sarah here

Meesden Contact 
Trevor Hughes 01279 777404     email Trevor here

Rev James Sawyer…01763 289258       Email the church here

We wish you the very best in this difficult time to come. 

Brent Pelham and Meesden Parish Council

See also Parish Council website

See also Meesden Village website


Wyddial has it's own What'sApp group. To join contact Georgie Brackenbury on:
or message +44 7801 259522

See also weblink


The Vicarage 

Great Hormead 



SG9 0NT 

01763 289258