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Life events


Contact us if you want to get married or have a baptism, or need to arrange a funeral.

Numbers of people able to attend will depend upon the type of service and the capacity of the building.

Funerals are able to take place in church.

Some minor limitations still apply, but contact us if you need to arrange a funeral. You are restricted on the number of people attending in the church.

Weddings are now able to take place in church.

We are limited to wedding parties of just 6 people. This does not include 'workers' - Church staff or helpers. It does not include your contractors - e.g the photographer, but please limit your workers to two persons. All guests and your workers will need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Baptisms can take place in regular church services.

Subject to the capacity of the church, there is no fixed number for those attending a baptism which can still take place during a Sunday service. However we do have strict social distancing measures in place which would limit the number of households able to attend.

Private ceremonies outside the regular schedule of services are possible but only six people, including the candidate and priest, may attend.

FEES for 'Occasional Offices'.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are known as Occasional Offices. Weddings and Funerals have statutory fees attached to them. set annually by Parliamant. In addition, the parish needs to recover some of the cost of putting on an extra service. So we ask for 'Parish Extra Fees' to be paid for these serices. We like Baptisms to take place during our regular worship so there is normally no need to make a charge, but for privately arranged services it is helpful if we receive a contribution toward church expenses.

The latest Statutory Fees can be found HERE

Parish Extras Fee
(toward our expenses in providing the following at ‘occasional office’ services)













Bells Anstey, Brent Pelham or Hormead only. (Fee payable directly to bell ringers) £20 per bell, plus £20.

6 bells

Life Events

The church is with you at every stage of life. The continual cycle of life form birth through to death is marked by what are known as the Occasional Offices: Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. To find out more about these specifically, please follow the links in the menu bar. You can also find all sorts of helpful information on the Life Events section of the Church of England website.

You may be interested to know that the church also helps and supports each of us in between these major steps. Coming of age can be marked by Confirmation, where an individual declares for themselves the promises made on their behalf at baptism. New Christians who are adults will want to mark their membership with adult baptism and confirmation.

Married life can be challenging and the church works hard to encourage loving and lasting relationships, to provide a place for harmony and can provide services that mark a reconciliation. Believe it or not, most marriages do last, often for many decades. The church is there to celebrate with couples and can mark the occasion with services of renewal of vows and rededication. But we are also there when marriages break-down and do what we can to prayerfully support couples through difficult times.

The home and places of learning and work are also important to us. And the church can be in those places too. We will bless homes and offices. In this benefice we support a church and a state primary school in corporate worship and learning about faith.

There is no substitute for human contact. So we do our very best to encourage people to come together in fellowship as often as possible, when we are allowed and it's safe to do so. Our regular services in the benefice on Sundays and Wednesdays build-up and sustain Christians in their faith and to meet and share that faith with others. We also run study groups from time to time and will arrange home visits on request. 


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