Join us in helping Ukrainian refugees

Looking after families from overseas takes quite a lot of coordination. There are many things that must be done to ensure everyone involved is kept safe and all are properly supported. We need to harness the generosity and enthusiasm of our whole community into one effort. For an update of our story so far, click here.

The Diocese of St Albans has already begin work to coordinate help from church groups. There is also a govenment aid scheme, which I have already registered an interest beased on initial offers of help and accommodation. We will work hard to keep these working together.

More Info:
Doicese scheme
Government Scheme

Finance, Accommodation and Support


We have established a diocesan fund which can offer immediate financial support to refugees that need it for items such as food and travel. We shall keep a careful eye on disbursements from the fund. Should it turn out to be not, or only a little, needed, any surplus will be sent to the Christian Aid Ukraine Appeal.

To donate to the diocesan fund

  • Barclays Bank Account Name: The St Albans Diocesan Board of Finance
  • Account Number: 20776041
  • Sort Code: 20-05-03
  • Reference Code: 2103161
  • Payment by BACS is most welcome but we also accept cheques. In either case please include the reference 2103161 as we will need this to identify it. Also consider filling in a Gift Aid declaration to make your donation go further.

While it will not help our local efforts, if you want to help Ukraninans in Ukraine then you could gove directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal through the Christian Aid Ukraine Appeal  .


Please do read all the information on the various pages about the accommodation scheme and government help scheme.  You can offer your accommadation through the church or directly through the government scheme. To avoid confusion, please pick one or the other. Please note there is a vetting process for both schemes and we'll need to do some DBS checks.

When you feel ready to begin, the sumbissions of offers to the church scheme are made through your incumbent. The diocese own form asks for information you will not have. So to make life easier, our simplified form below only ask for the information you can provide immediately so we can get started. We'll then work together to complete the process.

If you live in the Quintet Churches benefice (Great and Little Hormead, Hare Street, Wyddial, Anstey, Brent Pelham and Meesden), complete the form below.

If you live in another benefice or parish, please contact your own local church minister or email us so we can try to pass on your details to the relevant person.

 Accommodation Offer

All the information you give will be used solely to process your offer of accommodation and will be kept safely and retained only as long as necessary. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

Your name:

Your Address

Your phone number

Your email

Accommodation address if different to your home address

Other people living in the accommodation property aged 16 years or older - please list or give us a number. All will need a DBS check.

Please nominate someone who could provide you with a reference:

Referee name

Referee Address

Referee Email

Describe the accommodation on offer

Do you have pets? Please list

Duration of accommodation

Please state how long you could host a family for: Short stay (a few nights); Six months (minimum for Government scheme); Longer than 6 months.


We need a wide range of support for the families that come. Please let us know what you can offer.

You can also prepare yourself as a voliunteer by doing the necessary 'Basic Awareness' and 'Foundation' Safeguarding training by registering and following this link to do the online course and get your certificate:


Other ways you can help

Please email us with your contact details and how you can help.

We are looking for:

Transport to take people to their accommodation. 

Translation services

Administrative help

Links to refugees

In due course we will be looking for help with:

Food and catering help


Bedding (though we have a good supply)


Contact with other Ukranians

Links to other support groups

Professional services and advice

Education help