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Worshipping back in Church

Right now we have had to suspend Public Worship. But we are keeping churches open for Private Prayer.

We're all having to make lots of adjustments. But we hope that you will feel safe and want to visit a church near you.

Previously, the PCCs met to agree the next steps back to public worship. We're adjusting to new regulations, so please forgive us as we find our way.

Our aim remains to keep churches open. We will have services when we are allowed. However, it will remain the case that while 'Social Distancing' measures are in place we will have limited capacity for approximately 20 households/bubbles, in our larger churches or as low as 12 in our smaller ones. So we'll need to know if you are coming. Please email us and we will be able to advise if there is room. If you are unable to attend there will still be service at 11am broadcast online on YouTube and there are other resources on our worshiping from home pages.

All of our now routine safety precautions will be in operation:
Please keep 2m distance between households at all times.
Please use the hand sanitiser at the garden entrance on arrival.
Face masks or coverings are mandatory for all except those with medical reasons or under 11. We strongly encourage you to bring your own mask.
You’ll be asked to provide your contact details for Track and Trace purposes.
Please only attend if you and your household are well and free of Covid-like symptoms.
The Service
Our service of Family Holy Communion is open to all.
You’ll be invited to sit with a minimum of 2 metres between each household. There will be an area reserved for anyone who is vulnerable or shielding where masks are mandatory.
We are not permitted to have singing indoors but we will listen to music played on the organ.

The collection will be taken as you leave. If possible please look at setting up standing orders or use other card or mobile methods of payment where available.

Going Back Into Church Video

Please do watch the video about Going Back Into Church which will explain some of the procedures we need you to follow when visiting a church for public worship or private prayer.


Face Masks

In addition to the measures in the video, though optional, we would prefer all congregation members to bring and wear a mask or face covering while in church, so that everybody who might wish to attend can feel safe. Vulnerable people will be able to sit in mask-only areas.


Please let us know you are coming

To advise us if you plan to attend please email us here: 


Track and Trace

Whenever you have been into a church, please remember to register your visit on our track and trace system here:


Readings for the weekend can be found here:


The 11am Sunday Worship services will be available on YouTube on Revd Sawyer’s YouTube Channel.


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