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DUST and GLORY: Church of England Lent Course

TEARFUND Lent Devotional:

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Tuesdays in Buntingford:

Every Tuesday evening in Lent, 7.30pm for 8.00pm start – 28th February to 4th April
at The Stables, 57 Wyddial Road, BUNTINGFORD, Herts SG9 9AX – 01763 271 459
Rediscovering Values
After a break of 3 years, Rosey and David Woollcombe are pleased to welcome you back to their home for this, the 6th in our series of Lenten Reflections. Designed for people of all faiths and of none, we shall explore in this series the Values which dictate the standards by which we live – values which influence the decisions we make about our careers, our leisure, our relationships, our food, our faith and the kind of world we want to bequeath to our children.
We are delighted to be able to introduce you to these wonderfully thoughtful people who will lead our reflections:

Tuesday 28th February @ 19.30 – “Flourishing - the spirituality of the garden” – Revd. Kirsty
Wainwright, the new Priest in charge of Buntingford, Aspenden and Westmill;
Tuesday 7th March @ 19.30 – “How death and rebirth are central to the path of transformation and healing; and the symbolic message of Easter” – Jessica Drake, psychotherapist, author and yoga teacher;
Tuesday 14th March @ 19.30 – “Values in Servant Leadership” – Jeremy Lefroy, former Conservative MP for Stafford; Founder and Director of Equity for Africa;
Tuesday 21st March @ 19.30 – “Whole Value Ethical Decision-Making in Business” – Andrew Baughen, Programme Director, Soulful Enterprise;
Tuesday 28th March @ 19.30 – “Values for the Future” – Discussions based on the United Nations’ Summit of the Future initiative;
Tuesday 4th April @ 19.30 – “Christian Values: Honesty - The Journey to the Cross”– Revd. Mark Bailey, Vicar of Cottered, Walkern, Benington, Ardeley and Throcking;

Directions: [Join us for Tea & Coffee at 19.30 for a 20.00 start. Call: 01763 271 459 if you get lost!] By foot: You can reach the Stables via the small door on the left as you go down Church Street from the High Street; or via the main entrance on Wyddial Road, beyond the Fox & Duck Pub just past Flint Cottage opposite the River Rib.
Coming by car: From the South, go to the centre of the town down the London Road, until you see the Black Bull pub and the town clock on your right. Turn Right up the High Street (don’t bear left) then, after 100m, turn Right down Church Street.
From the North, turn off the A10 to Wyddial and go straight down the High Street, to Sainsbury’s on your Right. Turn Left down Church Street. From the West, turn Left up the High Street at the Black Bull; from the East, turn Right on to London Road and Right again up the High Street to Church Street. Park where-ever you can and look for slate signs with white letters: “The Stables The Barn”. Follow the path or the drive up to our grey-green Front Door.

...and here's something to do on pancake day!


Revd James Sawyer flips some pancakes with the Wyld family over Zoom.

If you'd like to make pancakes you can find the recipe we used here:

You will need:

100g Plain Flour

2 large Eggs

300ml Milk

1 table spoon of sunflour/vegetable oil

Pinch of salt

A jug or large bowl to mix in

A frying pan. A little extra oil for frying.

And some favourite fillings for eating: lemon or lime or orange  juice and sugar, maybe some maple syrup, or how about chocolate spread?

Happy baking.