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Church Membership

Everyone is welcome at our churches. Anyone can worship with us.

The church is managed by the Rector, Elected Wardens and their PCCs. To participate in the election of church officers and representatives you need to become a full member of our electoral roll.

To do this you need to complete an Electoral Roll membership form (or see below) and send it to The Vicarage, Great Hormead, Buntingford SG90NT. Alternatively hand a completed form to your Church Warden, PCC Secreatry or the Rector.

Your membership details will then be logged and passed to the relevant PCC officer responsible for the Electoral Roll for that church.

The criteria for membership of the Electoral Roll is that you are a baptised member of the Church of England, or another Christian denomination recognised by the church.

You also need to regularly attend the church in question, or be able to give good reason why you are unable to do so regularly.

Members of longstanding who move away will need to maintain continuous membership. That means ensuring they are included on the roll when it is automatically renewed every few years.

As well as voting rights at the Annual Parrochial Church Meeting, members are entitled to stand for membership of the PCC, Dearnery and Diocesean Synods, and be elected as Wardens.

If you are on the Electoral Roll at the time of your death, you are entitled to be burried in the churchyard whether or not your reside in the parish. Otherwise, you must be resident if you wish to qualify for burrial. If you move away from the parish, failure to maintain membership automatic qualification for burrial will cease.

As well as regular attendance, Members are encouraged to support the church in its prayer, work and mission, giving time and offering financial support for the benefit of all. You are also encouraged to grow in faith through participation in collective worship and bible study.

ELECTORAL ROLL MEMBERSHIP FORM (Click the image to download a PDF)

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The Vicarage 

Great Hormead 



SG9 0NT 

01763 289258