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Sunday 11th November - Remembrance Sunday, a day of acts of remembrance to which residents of the whole benefice are invited:

9.30am - A Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion

This short said service using the traditional and poetic language of the Book of Common Prayer will be remenicent of the brief services that took place upon the battlefields of Flanders. Please come if you can.

10.50am - Great Hormead War Memorial, and continuing at St Nicholas Church.

The Centenary of the end of the First World War.

This year a special service will be held in Great Hormead, beginning at the war memorial at 10.50am and then, after the two minute silence at 11.00am, continuing at the Church of St Nicholas. We will remember the names of all those who gave their lives for their country from across the benefice. We hope many members of the community will want to join us.

5.30pm - St George's Church, Anstey

From 5.30 pm: half-muffled bells will be rung. We'll remember the fallen of WWI from the village and we'll read out the names of the bomber crews, fighter pilots and ground staff killed in WWII while stationed at Nuthampstead, listed on the bomber group website and the memorial at the Woodman Pub.

The timing of this ceremony will approximately coincide with ceremonies taking place at 11am on Veterans Day in the United States.

From 5.50 pm: prayers led by The Reverend James Sawyer, will be said.

Residents from across the benefice are welcome to attend if you are free and would like to come along.

From 6pm - Mutfords, in Hare Street

Join the community at Mutfords for refreshments prior to lighting the beacon at the high point in the village. A bugler will play the Last Post at 6.55pm and then the fire will be lit at 7pm. This is part of a national 'Beacons of Light' event to mark the centenary of the end of WWI.

Please join us for any or all of these services of thanksgiving and acts of remebrance.


Silent Prayer

New dates for through to December and more information about this deeply powerful form of prayer and meditation are published here.





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