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BRAVE stands for the Buntingford, Royston & Villages Ecumenical Trust.

BRAVE area  a group of volunteers from local churches with the common aim of funding one or more Christian schools workers in NE Hertfordshire, through setting up an independent trust.

BRAVE believes that young people should be helped to understand the importance of basic beliefs, both in the lives of others and in the development of their own attitudes and assumptions about life and lifestyle.

In 1905 56% of children went to church - in 2001 it was 4%

We aim to help young people to:

  • think honestly for themselves about their own beliefs and values.
  • come to an understanding of the Christian faith and Christianity today through open enquiry.

How we can achieve this:

  • Support and encourage Christian teachers and pupils in middle and upper schools.
  • Develop strong links with Head Teachers and Heads of R E departments
  • Help set up, or strengthen existing Christian groups in schools.
  • Take assemblies and occasional R E lessons.
  • Initiate, or support prayer groups for every school.
  • Enable links between schools and local Christian Churches.

BRAVE needs our help and support; financial and prayerful.

A schools worker costs approximately £30,000 per annum and BRAVE aims to find funding for at least 3 years.

"My life is really different since I came to this club - now I think about all sorts of stuff I never really thought about before." (Christianity Explored member aged 13)


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