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Track and Trace

Thank you for visiting one of our churches for Private Prayer.

To keep you and other people safe, we would like to be able to inform you if we become aware another visitor has tested positive so that you can decide to get tested.

We'd also like you to inform us if you become unwell.

If you'd like t take part in our own little effort to track and trace infection, please fill in the form below.

This is entirely voluntary, but might be helpful.

Please complete this simple form which collects the minimum of information we need to send out an alert. We will not retain this information for more than 40 days after your visit. We will only use it to inform you if we become aware of someone else who has visited  one of our churches and become ill, or if you tell us that you are ill, where we can notify other visitors that they should be tested. We will not share names or emails. Please also see our Privacy Policy.

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Please contact us if you have tested positive for Covid-19 Coronavirus within 7 days of your visit.

By pressing Send Form, you agree to us using the information you have provided to anonymously alert you or other people about possible risk of infection following your visit.


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